Traveling the Highways and Biways of Arizona Online

Looking south from Main Street

Looking south from Main Street

Bisbee Royale

Bisbee, AZ

Bisbee, AZ 2This will be the first of my entries on the sites and sounds of Arizona. One of the wonderful things about retirement is that you can make short trips (unless you are a Trump family member) to all of the scenic destinations in Arizona. It is a beautiful state with a great deal of history. Mining, cattle ranching, cowboy legends, farming, Indian ruins dating back hundreds of years, geography, Indian culture and history, and the politics of the region are only a few of the exciting things to experience and learn about. The fine museums in Arizona can give the tourist a fascinating look into what makes Arizona. Take a photographic journey with me throughout Arizona as my wife and I explore this great state.

First on our list is Bisbee, Arizona. Bisbee was founded 1880 where gold, copper, and silver were mined. It was named after an investor in the Copper Queen Mine, Judge DeWitt Bisbee. It is known for its restoration of Victorian homes and its typical mountainous rocky character of many Arizona mining towns. In 1975, the copper mining operations in Bisbee were ended. The Phelps Dodge Corporation helped the powers that be in Bisbee to develop a mining tour of the underground operations in Bisbee in order to attract visitors. Tourists from all over come to learn about Arizona mining on a mining train tour of the works. In 1970, the idea of restoring parts of Bisbee and creating a mecca for artists, craftsman, and those seeking a more modest urban life with less institutional pressure to conform was born. By 1990, folks from many places came to live in Bisbee for its great weather, artist community, and pleasant way of life.

Herein lies a taste of Bisbee through photography.

Bisbee Olive Oil

Another Bisbee home

Beautiful archway

Beautiful Bisbee house1

Bisbee 7

Art Deco

Art Deco

Bisbee, AZ 6

Bisbee, AZ 9

Copper Queen

Long steps up

Explosives cart

Feathery Katchina

Flower and cactus

Howell Avenue, Bisbee, AZ

Inn at Castlerock

Jonquil Motel, Bisbee, AZ

Little Chocolate House
Peace Wall Bisbee, Arizona

mining machinery2

mining machinery3

More steps

Old mining machinery

Open Market

ore cart

Ore carts

wheel of ore cart

Red-pink flower

stained glass

wall painting

For more information on Arizona, see: way below

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